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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shopko Clearance

You all know that I love Shopko's little clearance aisle. I have to check it out every time I go there to pick up my prescriptions. Convenient, as it is located right before the pharmacy.
There are tons of kids' medicines, for cold, flu, etc. If you have a coupon to use with them, it makes for an amazing savings on something we moms always need to have on hand.
I got these.
Kids Relief Flu reg. $6.49 Clearance $1.29
3 Musketters multipak  reg. $1.49 Clearance $.59
If you got last Sunday's coupon inserts (I have some for sale!), you can bring your Wet n' Wild coupon to Shopko to get FREE nail polish!! I'll be doing that tomorrow!!

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