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Friday, September 28, 2012

Buy Low & Rite Aid day 2

I was back in Provo today. I got several errands taken care of, including some money saving adventures!
First was Rite Aid:
These items are part of the buy $30, get $10 +UP rewards deal this week. Actual razors are NOT included. I purchased these 4 pk Divine cartridges for $13.99 each.
(2x)-$4/1 Venus razor or refill 
The Satin Care shave gel was $3.79. This brought me to a total of $23.77 (before tax & w/coupons applied).
I had $5 +UP rewards from yesterday and used those toward this purchase. So my grand total with tax was
I earned $10 +UP rewards which I will use next week!!

Then we hit Buy Low:
Boneless skinless Chicken breasts are $1.67/lb (10 lb box)
In the clearance carts I found the cereal for $1.00 and the brown rice for just $.50.

Next we went to the Smith's gas station. I had a $.10/per gallon discount to use that I earned with last week's shopping. It made the gas .04 cheaper than Maverick in Springville, which is almost always the cheapest around.

Finally, we hit Walmart.
I got this bag of Steak Rolls on the day old rack for just $2.18.
The 32 oz yogurts I ad-matched with Fresh Market for $1.67 each!!!
The Luv diapers I had a $1 coupon for.
The salad, sadly, is up to .94. :(
The Hershey's syrup is $1.98 each.
-$1/2 Hershey's syrup.
I had planned to ad-match it with Macey's current sale but Walmart was one cent cheaper. I will buy it at Macey's next time however, as I noticed when we got home that the ones we bought at Macey's the other day are bonus size and have 2 more ounces for just one cent more.
We also had $27 in Walmart gift cards from James' work. What a blessing!! So all of this was only like $3 plus tax.
I'm glad to be so focused on my money saving again. I had gotten caught up in selling coupons and not actually using them myself. I will continue selling coupons when I have extra, but I need to stay on track with my own couponing. It makes such a big difference!!!

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