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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Speak Up!!

Seriously! Feeling so blessed! Friends, you just need to get the word out about things that you are in the market for and holy cow! People, friends, family, strangers, just step right up to the plate! I have been inundated with fabulous hand me downs lately!
I mentioned on Facebook that I was looking for a deal on oatmeal. My neighbor had an extra 5 gallon bucket of oats that she needed to move. How great is that?!

What a great neighbor and friend she is! Just think how much money this saves us!

Holy baby stuff!!
So this is just some of the great stuff I have been given! A high chair, formula, bottles, clothes, blankets, and so much more are just waiting to get put away!
Lesson learned: Put the word out! Throw your pride out the window! People love you and are happy to share what they don't need anymore but they can't read your mind!
It isn't begging folks. It's just letting people know how they can earn blessings in Heaven. We will all have our turn to pass on the good karma. :)

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