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Monday, February 6, 2012

Great deals! Saver's, Buy Low, Rancho Mkt

 My sis in law and I hit Saver's this morning at 9. You have to get there when it opens to get the best .99 deals!
I was in the market for shirts and skirts for my daughter and pants for my son.

 Did you notice the paisly thermal shirt? It still has the Old Navy tags on it! Every single one of these items, including two pair of sweats for me, were just .99 each! I got out of there spending just $19.04! Happily under my $20 budget!

 Here's my Rancho Market stuff, plus a heads up on other great deals they are having this week.

Saltines .99 ea
Oranges 8 lb/.99!!!
Roma tomatoes 2 lb/.99
10 lb Russet Potatoes $1.99
Carrots .79
Red Delicious or Fuji apples 2 lb/.99
Also this week:
Tues, Wed, Thurs:
Brown Onions 7 lb/.99
Pineapple 2lb /.99

Sat & Sun:
Cilantro 6/.99

On to Buy Low!

Cucumbers 3/$1
Mangoes .69 ea
Broccoli .69/lb
Cauliflower .69/lb
5 oz mushrooms $1
Fuji Apples .50/lb (I didn't know about Ranco Market's deal yet)
Don Julio Chips .87 ea
Everything else is from the as-is cart. You can find it near the registers, at the far side of the store. I took almost everything they had this time.
2 cans corn .25 ea
1 Peanut Butter $1
Wheaties .50
Brown Rice $1
White Rice $1
2 Betty Crocker yellow cake mixes .50 ea
Betty Crocker brownie mix .50

I will be hitting Walmart tomorrow to do my doubles and a couple of ad matches. I have $9 left in this week's $30 grocery budget. I WILL stick to it!

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