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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ad matching @ Walmart

The fam and I hit Walmart yesterday to do some ad-matching. I was really pleased with how well I did, without using a single coupon.
 The frame was $3, regular price. The Lender's bagels are $1.50 per bag and you can find them in the refrigerated section near the cream cheese. Lender's are my favorite!
 Bags of salad: .78 each. 4lb corn tortillas: $3.07.
The final regular price item was the bread at $1.25 per loaf. Not amazing, but it was ok since we saved so much elsewhere.

Now for ad-matches:
5 doz Eggs $5.98 @ Rancho Market

  Cilantro: 5/.99 @ Rancho
Milk $1.99 each @ Rancho
Oranges 5 lb/.99 @ Rancho
Grapes .78/lb @ Rancho
Anaheim Peppers 5 lb/.99 @ Rancho
1 lb baby Carrots $1 @ Fresh Market

I got out of there spending less than $30. I'm a happy camper. :) These prices end Tuesday. Don't miss out!!

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