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Monday, June 16, 2014

Fresh Market Clearance

Hey kids! Sorry I've been MIA again! I've actually done a lot of shopping and hunting lately and have even taken pics but just haven't gotten around to blogging any of it. :(
forgive me!! ;)
So this morning, I dragged the kids out of bed and got us over to Fresh Market to take advantage of the clearance meat. I was blessed for my efforts and got my Jennie-O ground turkey for just $1.00 per pack!!
I also checked the clearance rack back in the paper goods department and found it to be chock full of all kinds of great things!!
Air fresheners and refills ($1 each!!), laundry detergent, toys, juice, candles, pecans ($1.00!!), yogurt raisins and more!!!
I highly recommend getting over there and jumping into the clearance as soon as you can!!!

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