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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I got to Walmart earlier today and was able to get more of what I wanted.
Parents Choice formula $8.44
-$8/1 parents choice (mail coupon)= $4.44
Suave deodorant  .97
-.75/1 Suave deodorant (doubled to $1= +.03!)
Dawn dish soap $1.08
-.50/1 Dawn (doubled to $1= .08 ea)
Carefree liners .94
-.50/1 carefree liners (doubled to $1= +.06 each!!)
I've been selling these liners 3/$1 at my yard sales.
Almond Accents $2.97
-.50/1 almond accents (doubled to $1= $1.97)  
I missed out on my Zone bars, but we'll get them another time. Gotta get there earlier to get more of the Dawn. I got the last two. Still I'm pretty happy with how I did.

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