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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yesterday's Purchases

 I got all of my shopping done yesterday. It was an adventure. No power in the morning. Locked myself out of my house. Became a a breaking and entering expert. Finally got on my way and got a lot done. The day continued to be hectic, followed by a night of my daughter throwing up. But dang it! The shopping is done!! Except for the filter exchange I now have to make...
I hit Walgreen's first to use a $3 RR that needed using. I ended up getting Kraft Parmesan Cheese, for $1.11. They were out of the cheese I wanted.
Then I hit Walmart to do lots of ad matching!
The following items were regular Walmart price:
Hidden Valley Ranch $3.74
-$1/1 Hidden Valley Ranch= $2.74 (Not as good as when they were on roll back, but we needed it and this was definitely the best price around. I am a bit of a ranch snob....)
Kikkoman Soy Sauce $1.74
-$1/1 any Kikkoman Soy sauce (I guess everything is going up these days... 6 months ago, this same item was $1.46 retail.....)
The Parmesan is the one from Walgreen's.
 The following are my Rancho Market ad matches:
Roma Tomatoes 2 lb/.99
Avacados 4/$1

 Buy Low has some fabulous deals this week! Here are my ad-matches:
French Bread .50
Red or Green Leaf lettuce 3/$1
Radishes and/or Cilantro 3/$1
10 lb Russet Potatoes $1
Celery stalk 3/$1
Cucumbers 4/$1
Milk $2.25
-.75/1 any 1 gallon milk= $1.50 each
 I ad-matched the Shredded Cheese 8 0z bags with Walgreens for $1.50 each.
-$1/any 2 lb cheese, shredded, block or cube= $1.25 per bag.
 Some of you may know how much I LOVE after-holiday sales at Walmart!
I took advantage of the 50% discount and great availability and variety to get this electric jack o lantern, warning tape, garland, and large wreath. This is such a great way to get your festive supplies for any holiday or season. The only crappy part is waiting a whole year to use them! But it is such fun when you open that holiday's tote a year later and see the new things you forgot about!
Every deal except the cheese, which goes through Saturday, will continue through Tuesday if you are ad-matching. Some of the produce prices however, are Wednesday/Thursday only prices if you go to the actual store.

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  1. I continue to be amazed and inspired by your persistence and creativity and just plain-ol' hard work! And I hope your daughter is feeling better today!!