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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


 I was able to take my sister in law shopping with me today. It was so awesome sharing my experience and knowledge with someone I care about. We hit Walmart first to double some coupons and match some ads.
 Bananas .33/lb @ Rancho Market
Milk 1 gallon $1.99 @ Rancho Market
 Salad .78 per bag regular price
Hidden Valley Ranch $3.74
-$1/1 Hidden Valley Ranch
Land O Frost 16 oz deli meat $3.98 regular price
-$1 (.55 coupon doubled to $1)= $2.98
(2)Fleishman's Yeast $1.04 each
-.80/1 (.40 coupon doubled)= .24 each
Carefree Panty Liners .94 each regular price
-$1/1 (-.50 coupon doubled)= FREE
Finish Gel Pacs 32+8 FREE Bonus pack ad-matched with Kmart for $4.99
-.75/1 Finish Gel Pacs= $4.24
Green Giant canned Green Beans .68 each regular price
-$1/2 (.50/1 coupon doubled)= .18 each!!!!
I went $9 over my intended budget for the week but I am ok with it considering what I got! We finally have a variety of snack options at home and I am finding it much easier to breathe as I look at my shelves today. 
 I got the new grocery ads today and there isn't much to be excited about. A few deals at Smith's that I will jump on at the beginning of the week, but I am thinking that I will have the majority of my grocery budget to put towards coupon doubling and other miscellaneous things my family needs for our home. 
 I took my sis in law to Walgreen's after Walmart and was able to help her get 2 Gillette Razor Comfort Packs, 2 Christmas Pencils, 1 Mission Foot Cream and 1 Softlips, all for just $10.35 with tax. Less than it would have cost her to get just one of the razors at regular price, before tax!!! 
 We will head back to Walgreen's on Thursday to use the $4 Register Rewards she has leftover from the shopping trip. She still thinks I'm nuts with all this madness I engage in, but now she appreciates it and sees why I do it. I think I have a convert! ;)

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  1. Good for you and your sister-in-law! I'm so proud of you!!
    p.s. Next time you hear about razors, please give me a buzz, as I could use some!!