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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The fall of the crock pot

Despite all of my efforts to save us money, every now and then, someone else's good intention throws a wrench into the works. My loving husband has been letting me sleep in all week and while I rest, he has been Mr. Clean. I can't even list all the work he has done that would usually fall on my shoulders. (I'm on restrictions till the end of this pregnancy)
So please don't think me ungrateful!!! But sadly, this morning he killed one of my best friends in an effort to help.
I'm not going to totally embarrass him by explaining how it happened... okay, yes I am! It's a funny story! :)
There was burnt on food and he decided to clean it the way he would a pot. He filled the porcelain liner with water and set it to boil on the stove... Several minutes later..... KABOOM!!! Poor guy had quite a mess to clean up. I slept through it all. Now, I will be arranging a small memorial service for my friend the crock pot, remembering all the meals we shared, the many times it saved the day for me. The crock pot and my rice cooker.. at least I still have the rice cooker. :)
RIP Crock Pot

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