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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Best Beginner Tips Series #2: Store Coupons, Rewards, Best Customer Bonus

πŸ’šHappy Sunday!πŸ’œ

Today we are discussing Beginner tip #2 for cutting household expenditure!

Store Loyalty Savings!!!    


πŸ™Œ Almost all of your grocery stores now have loyalty programs. Some of them are great, some are so-so. All of them offer special prices on varying items from day to day and week to week. 

Some, like Kroger (which is the corporate name for MANY different chain grocery stores)....

πŸ‘‰Gas rewards, Best Customer Bonus coupons (paper in the mail and Digital Coupons), Friday Freebies, and amazing clearance savings on everything you can imagine!πŸ‘ˆ

πŸ’ƒHere are all of the great coupons that have come to me in the mail in the last 30 or so days in these booklets and magazines. The more often you shop with Kroger, the more great bonuses you will get!!! This includes coupons for COMPLETELY FREE products that you buy on a regular basis. (The ones I get most often are FREE cereal, peanut butter, and toothpaste.)
Also in this image, are CATALINA PRINT COUPONS that print at the register when you check out. These can be regular coupons or actual dollar reward coupons to be used on your next purchase as rewards from specific brands for buying their products. (This changes regularly, so I recommend keeping up on what Catalina dollar rewards are available).πŸ’ƒ

"But I don't want to clip coupons!!!"  No problem!!! 

Kroger also has a very convenient digital version of this program. You won't get all of the same coupons as you did in the mail, but you will get lots of great coupons that you can load to your rewards card and they will automatically be deducted at check out. KROGER DIGITAL SAVINGS

 You will also get your FRIDAY FREEBIES online. Check every Friday for that week's freebie, download it, and pick it up within two weeks. 
Most Kroger stores will have that week's freebie located in a convenient, conspicuous spot near the front of the store. 

πŸ’–NOTE** Even if you don't like clipping, organizing, and carrying around loads of paper coupons, I'm betting that when you get those first FREE toothpaste coupons in the mail, you'll be so excited that you'll be willing to clean some clutter out of your purse to make room for a small envelope of Kroger coupons!

😎As mentioned above, Kroger also offers all kinds of fabulous CLEARANCE throughout the store on a daily basis. 
You will find clearance bakery products, usually located in the same place all the time.
All perishable items are clearance marked before their sell by dates, rather than just being thrown out and wasted. 
This includes meat, dairy, eggs, produce, etc!
You will also find at least one clearance end cap in all Kroger stores that I've ever been in. Usually at the back end of the store. Check it out!!!
πŸ‘ΌCoupons can be used on clearance items!!! Imagine the savings!!!! I get SO MANY FREEBIES this way!!!

πŸ’ͺAssignment!!! Here's your homework for today: Check out the rewards program for your favorite grocery store! See what your store offers in digital savings and get them loaded to your rewards card before your next shopping trip!!! Watch the savings pile up!!!

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