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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dumpster Finds!!

I was able to take a break yesterday after acing my final (yay!!!!) to do some much-needed dumpster diving!! It was the first time this summer that I have been able to make the entire round of my bins and it felt wonderful!!
Potatoes I found in the recycling bin.
 Bad picture. :( I found some clear totes and cute school fabric.
 Assorted Disney items, a dream catcher still in package, brand new printer ink still in package.
 A dollar bill!! I do literally find treasure in the bins!!
 Fabulous chairs in perfect condition!
 Lots of stickers and craft items still unopened!
 Frames and jewelry. Over all a great little haul! I'll be going out again if I get a minute. Be on the look out for a report!


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