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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Heads Up!

Hey kids!
I have been having so much fun at Shopko in Spanish Fork and Smith's in Payson this last week!
Shopko has tons of clothing and toys at great clearance prices! Mostly fall and winter clothing. A great chance to save!!
Smith's is undergoing all kinds of changes throughout the store with products being rearranged. It's a bit of a mess but it's totally worth braving it for all of the CLOSE OUT deals!! Fancy hair products at rock bottom prices! Food, clothes, household and so much more!!! You will literally need to go up and down every aisle to find all the goodies!
 Tons of great toy clearance!! I got these toys for $2.74 each!! They make a great addition to my gift box! We save tons of money this way. When the kids get birthday invites, they love going shopping in the gift box for just the right gift!
 Some of you may have seen these goodies that earned me about $.13!! You MUST join the Smith's rewards program!!! They will totally pay you for it!!
Socks and office supplies galore!! The fancy Duck Tape was just $.59!! and I grabbed some laminating sheets and a bunch of socks for the kids for this fall, all at half or less the regular price!!!

There are tons of other great close out and clearance goodies to discover! I highly recommend you hop over with your coupon binder in hand!

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